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Smart Engineering.... Life Saving.....

Something that saves lives is not invented. It is engineered with persistent diligence and mastered through tireless efforts of testing and retesting its utility. Punto Corporation feels proud to bring forth an invention that will always act as a trusted lifeguard that will guard the safety of your family, forever.


Every year, thousands of people die world over due to unexpected and unguarded electric shocks. These electric shocks are received at most unexpected places like kitchen, bathroom, terrace, office desk, etc. People either die of magnitude of electric current or find themselves handicapped or paralysed in some way of the other. It may sound funny, but on such occurrences one finds himself answering questions about his own silliness about the fact that one can catch an electric shock at such places.

Would you ever believe that it is possible to never get electric shock even if you are standing on a wet floor with a live wire in your hand? You can now actually live in your house like a king, who is not scared of ever getting an electric shock or exposing his family to such dangers.

Punto Corporation brings forth a unique, one of its kind invention known as Punto ESP Device. This device is simply installed in your house at one point, and you can rest assured forever that your child will never get an electric shock by poking his finger in the plug socket or your wife will never get apprehensive about using her electrical appliance with a fear of electric shock.

Do People Actually Get Electric Shock?

Have you or your loved one ever experienced an electric shock? If you have never experienced an electric shock, you are a lucky one. But don’t assume that this doesn’t happen or cannot happen to you or your family. Accidents happen unannounced. They catch you unaware and leave some kind of impact on your life, forever.
Electric appliances are made with precision and on the basis of detailed studies. They are manufactured to play a certain role. While they are made, best brains work at minimising the risk of electric shock to its user. But this can never assure or guarantee it. These appliances have their own Limitation. With the best of brands and products in your house, you are still not protected against electric shock at all.

In summers, with air coolers running in every middle class house in India, people are exposed to electric shocks day in and day out.

In rainy season, due to moisture and water seepage, the walls tend to absorb some percentage of water. People are exposed to electric shocks on not just appliances but also plain simple wall.

In almost all Indian households, clothes are hanged on wires on terraces after washing. Women and children are mostly exposed to electric shocks on the terrace.

Electric rod for heating water is one of the most commonly used appliances in the house. This rod is immersed in water and is almost like a live wire waiting to execute you.

There are random days when there are fluctuations in the current that is being transmitted through wires. This overflow of current makes appliances conk off or get permanently damaged. This also emits current or electric shock.

One doesn’t know and cannot always be prepared to guard electric shock. They come. Impact your life and leave, to come again later.

Electric Shock. No. Never.

Yes, believe it. It is possible to never get an electric shock...even if you are holding a live wire while standing in water. This has been made possible by a genius mind who has been working towards building a safety device for people for last 40 years.

Punto ESP Device is a shock proofing device that promises to save you from possibilities of electrocution.

Punto ESP Device is installed right next to your electricity meter.

1.   After installation of this device, in case you touch live wire with current, there will be no electric shock experience by you.
2.   In case of power overload, the device will disconnect on its own till the load is lessened.
3.   Punto ESP Device consumes very negligible power.
4.   Punto ESP Device is customised according to the electric consumption of the house and is available in 1 KVA, 2KVA, 3 KVA and 5 KVA and 10KVA in single or three-phase for domestic consumption.
5.   For large scale industrial consumption, the device is customised to cater up to 500 KVA or even more.
6.   Punto ESP Device is a lifelong product that will guard your family against electrocution for a lifetime.
7.   The device comes with committed 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

The Secret: Punto ESP Device

The circuit of the device is engineered in such a way that it controls and guards the electric shock to be transmitted to the user. This is a device that absorbs the electric current. If you have doubts or still don’t believe the fact that you can live without the fear of electrocution forever, experience the super-powerful product yourself today! You can also ask one of our experts to give you a live demonstration of the device.

Preventive Suggestions for Day-to-day Safety

Prevention is better than cure. This is not just an aged piece of wisdom but a true fact to save lives and keep you safe. Statistics indicate that more than 90% mishaps that occur due to electric shock are because of common negligence of people running different errands in households or work stations. Listed here are some preventive measures that can help you safeguard your life and that of your loved ones. These steps will help you stay away from risking the precious lives of people around you.

The first and the foremost step that needs to be taken is to be proactive and sensitized towards the magnitude of problems that can begin with sheer negligence.

It may sound a little annoying, but turn OFF the switches of devices, gadgets and appliances that are not being used. Turning them ON back right before the use will only take a couple of seconds. You would not only be safe with this, but also reduce the speed electricity meter that runs almost all the time.

Water is one of the biggest causes of electrical shock. Please make sure you keep water away from appliances and also from plug points. In case of water spilling, make sure you dry the appliance with an absorbent cloth and leave it for a couple of hours to let the water that might have entered the open pores to dry.

While using electrical appliances or accessing plug points, please make sure to use poor conductive materials like rubber or wood. It is advisable to wear rubber soled shoes or slippers.

Please read the information booklet or set of instructions on packaging of all electrical products that you use.

Install the one and only Punto ESP Device to forever say goodbye to electric shocks.

Electricity is no joke. Shocks are not lies. Please be careful all the time.