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Safe Electric Repair

No need to switch off main power supply to repair Electric fault.

Over Load Security

In case of over load Punto ESP Device will cut the Power. It saves wiring from overheating.

Short Circuit Protection

Punto ESP Device Saves us from Short-Circuit hazards by cutting Power immediately within fraction of a second.

Surge & Spike Absorber

Punto ESP Device has Surge & Spike absorber which protects very delicate appliances like Computers, Laptops, Micro-wave, and Ovens etc from Surge….

Shock Free Life

Punto ESP Device is a device that makes the supply of electric current 'SHOCK FREE' i.e if you install this device after a power supply, current after this device will be 100% 'SHOCK FREE'.


Punto Device is to be installed between the Electric Meter & Distribution Meter. Installation Charges Extra, may Vary depending on location & premise’s electric fitting conditions.


Punto ESP Device is insured under Product Liability Insurance for upto Rs.25 lakh for any single Claim under Guarantee Period. So Stay Safe & Happy With our Punto ESP Device.

Demo & Installation Warning

Only Company's authorized technicians are allowed to give the demonstrations & installations of this device. Untrained person shall not try to demonstrate or install this product. In such case, company will not be responsible for any kind of accidental damages.